The Hottest on the Planet


The way we look at it is this….. SUPER BEACH 5’s Rugby is to sand what ICE HOCKEY is to ice…….blink and you’ll miss it.

To put the pace of the game into context, let’s crunch some numbers from one of the most recent editions of the LIGNANO INTERNATIONAL CUP.

During 2 days of play, featuring 12 teams, representing 12 Nations, 144 Players, 6 Referees, with each match duration lasting just 10 minutes,

  • 346 tries were scored in total.
  • 10.7 tries was the average score rate per match.
  • 1 try scored on average every 56 seconds.
  • 1 match included 18 tries, which was 1 try on average every ” 33 seconds “.

The top Try Scorer scored 9 tries over 2 days. The highest scoring team scored 39 tries.

And to think…….. all of this takes place in 30+ degrees of heat, bathed in a beautiful Italian summer sun….. !


THIS IS Super BEACH 5’s Rugby – The (Fastest) Hottest game of Rugby on the Planet.