This coming July, ’12 Rare Eagles’ will take flight bound for Lignano Sabbiadoro. In a single weekend, it’s their dream to turn the world of SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY upside down. Where they come from, people cherish their dreams. And they believe. A rousing SB5 welcome for our 9th challengers, ‘THE EAGLES’ from the United States of America.

[frame align=”left”]USA Eagles 5’s – Setting Off Early![/frame]And well may these guys dream. The last time a squad travelled from the Americas, it was from the South American continent. It was 2009 and we’re talking about the Tango Beach squad from Argentina, who ultimately went on to make history that year being crowned the 2009 Lignano International Cup Champions.

But do these North American beach boys have what it takes to pick up where Argentina’s best left off ? While they may be novices to the world of SB5, these Eagles boast a fine selection of players who have represented the USA at various international levels. They are a credibile force. Indeed, as one of the new world Rugby nations on the rise, the American’s are currently flying high in Sevens Rugby. So, if ever any team had a reason to believe, these guys have it.

So what are you waiting for ? Book the dates now…. July 20-21…LIGNANO BEACH ARENA….These particular BEACH 5’s boys are promising plenty of GOOD VIBRATIONS 

The question is, come finals day on Sunday, will they be SURFIN’ USA or will their summer dreams quickly turn to a WINTERS day and California Dreamin’.

For all you QR code scanner heads, this is for you !

SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY. NOT for your Average Beach Boys.