A Little Technical Insight:

SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY is a Contact Sport that is regulated with its own specific set of Rules, which are specifically designed to create a fast flowing and exciting display of Rugby on the Beach. And since 2010, it has officially been recognised by the International Rugby Board (IRB).

SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY is played between 2 teams of 5 players, with each match comprising of 2 halves, lasting a mere 5 minutes each. Therefore, with a total match time of 10 minutes (just ” 600 ” intense seconds of play), it is quite literally ‘the Fastest Game of Rugby on the Planet’ !

Simplicity and Speed are key to everything on the sand. And so whether you are an experienced beach player, a novice or an uninitiated new spectator, the“2 second rule” is the most important of all to remember. This rule states,

“when the ball carrier goes into contact with an opponent, or is tackled by an opponent, the ball carrier must pass or release the ball within 2 SECONDS”

WHY is the ‘2 second rule’ so important ?

Above all other rules, this one simplifies the game, making it quick to understand for the first time player or spectator.

It maintains the high speed & fluidity of the game, heightening the level of player skill and delivering more excitement for both the players and the viewing public alike.

And it also helps to increase the level of player safety by reducing the amount of time that players can remain in contact, thereby reducing the potential level of injury.

Knowing the “2 Second Rule” actively encourages a more skillful quick passing game.


SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY ~ The Fastest Game of Rugby on the Planet !