SPAIN – The Ancient Call of Celts

History is told that Emperor Augustus needed to maintain 8 legions (70,000 men) in Asturias to keep the upperhand over the local population who tenaciously defended and opposed the spread of the Roman Empire. As was the case in Friuli, these Celtic tribes proved to be a strong influence in this part of the world. The fact that LIGNANO is located in Friuli, it’s an ancient Celtic heritage that brings our next Challenger to SB5’s 2013. From distant shores they’ve heard Friuli’s ancient Call of the Celts. A warm welcome to our 12th Challenger,  the ASTURES CELTAS, from ASTURIAS, in northwest Spain!

As all the Rugby world knows, Spain is one of its rising forces. With a view toward Olympic glory, like many European nations, Spain are focusing heavily on 7’s Rugby. And with great success too. This also augers well for them in the world of Beach 5’s Rugby. Bearing in mind the Iberian coastline is blessed with 1,000’s of fantastic beaches, they are surely poised to make a serious impact on the ‘Fastest game of Rugby on the Planet’. And this July, led by their Friulano druid, Mario Copetti, we expect these Celtic warriors from Oviedo will make a great impact on their debut. Afterall this is a team that already boasts players capped in both the Spanish A and Oviedo 7’s squads.

But with ROMANS & BARBARIANS swarming around the BEACH ARENA, will these CELTS from Asturias have the strength in defence to withstand the attack from foes of old ? Time will tell.

One thing is certain, with all Challenger’s in place, LIGNANO 2013 is set once again to play host to the greatest BEACH 5’s RUGBY spectacle in the world. These are the sands where SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY ‘Hemispheres COLLIDE’, where historic rugby ‘CULTURES CLASH’ and where new BEACH EMPIRES are BUILT.

Where else in the world can you get this ? NOWHERE

This is HISTORY in the making……BE A PART OF IT!

20-21 July 2013 – THE BIG BANG 2 !!!

Lignano Beach Arena, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY. Not for your Average Guys.

The Fastest Game of RUGBY on the Planet.