It was on the beach in Majorca, during Steve Redferns tournament there, that our next Challengers ‘player/team manager’, Duarte Marques, confirmed their participation at SB5 2014. Interestingly though, Duarte wasn’t in Majorca. Rather he was with the Portuguese National 7s Squad at the IRB HSBC Glasgow Sevens and he sent the confirmation in between their matches. What an honour ! And what satisfaction to once again see Portugal’s best in Lignano. It’s therefore with great expectations that we welcome Challenger #10 – Sexy Tecnico.

SB5 2012 was the last time a Portuguese squad visited Lignano. Then it was the Caparica Sharks who demonstrated to sublime effect the quality of Portuguese Beach 5s. Without doubt, together with the Italy and Spain, Portugal is proving itself to be very well adapted to life on the beach.

[frame align=”left”]sexy shirtSEXY TECNICO-Jersey 2014[/frame]In welcoming the boys from Sexy Tecnico, we should explain that their ‘Sexy’ title comes from one of their particular team sponsors. That said the name probably still  conjures up images of how this guys might look.

You could of course check them out in their home tournament in Figueira (12-13 July), which the season is the penultimate leg of the 2014 EBRA Beach 5s Series. Or you can follow them to Italy. Infact immediately after the Figueira tournament concludes, the Tecnico team will head to the airport and take off, destination LIGNANO, in search of the most famous prize in world BEACH 5s.

In the SB5 Clubhouse we have no doubt about this squads rugby credentials. But we’re not the only ones that recognise talent. Already the 2013 Portuguese Champions have caught the attention of local Italian sponsors “Consorzio delle Proloco della Comunità Collinare del Friuli” who’ve found a suitable spot for their logo on the very SEXY TECNICO 2014 jersey.

Question: Can a spectacular shirt deliver spectacular success in the ARENA ?

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19-20 July 2014 – LIGNANO BEACH ARENA

This is SUPER BEACH 5S RUGBY. Not for your Average Guys !