The 7th Challenger for SB5 2013 is none other than Portugals, Caparica Sharks. Or should that be the ‘Harlem Sharks’ ? Because when these guys hit the sand at Lignano’s BEACH ARENA, things really will start to SHAKE. Who knows maybe we can get them to perform their very own Harlem ‘Shark’ Shake.

[frame align=”left”]Shark Attack, Lignano 2012[/frame]All joking aside, their’s is a brand of Beach 5’s Rugby with true merit. In recent years, Portugal has grown to become a force in Sevens Rugby. And with its sandy coast and a pool of top quality players, all the signs are that they can also become a real power in Beach 5’s.

As for the Caparica Sharks, they are an example of the best from Portugals Top Beach 5’s tournament at Figueira da Foz whose organiser, Rui Loureiro, guarantees his lethal charges will be nothing short of voracious and spectacular.

Indeed, so far, these Sharks are the youngest squad to be selected for July 2013. With an average age of 21, an average height of 180cm and and average weight of 80kg……these guys are as powerful, mobile and deadly as their deep sea cousins.

A SUPER BEACH 5’s welcome to The Caparica Sharks ! Let’s see what other challengers will have the TEETH to join them on Beach #7, Lignano Sabbiadoro, 20-21 July 2013.

And they said it would be safe to go back on the Beach!

SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY. Not for your Average Sharks !