Portugal – EBRA – East meets West

[frame align=”right”]GC Stocco, Joao Ataide (Mayor), R Loureiro[/frame]LIGNANO unites the Beaches of Europe, from East to West. At the recent European Beach Rugby Asssoication (EBRA) meeting in Portugal, EBRA President, Gian Carlo Stocco was honoured to meet Joao Ataide, Mayor of Figueira da Foz, home to the Portugese leg of the European Club Championship. With a view to promoting closer ties between these two Beach resorts, Gian Carlo proudly presented Mayor Ataide with the official Lignano Sabbiadoro pennant & medal, along with a book about the famous Adriatic summer resort.

[frame align=”left”]Vico Meroi, Deputy Mayor, Lignano Sabbiadoro[/frame] Following Mayor Ataide’s warm welcome, Gian Carlo was equally pleased to receive the Figueira da Foz town placque, which he duly presented to Lignano’s Deputy-Mayor, Vico Meroi, on his return from Portugal.

In relation to the association’s meeting in Portugal, the EBRA membership unanimously supported the launch of the European Beach 5’s Rugby Series, a 4 tournament series designed to encourage further growth and participation in the sport of Beach 5’s Rugby throughout Europe. On a seperate point of discussion, and of particular interest to all Italian teams, came confirmation that for the very first time, points awarded to Italian teams playing at the 2013 Marseille Beach 5’s tournament will also count towards their points total in the 2013 Italian Championship.

With the summer fast approaching, 2013 promises to be a busy & interesting one. For sure all eyes will be on LIGNANO & SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY as once again they host the European Beach 5’s Club Cup Final alongside the legendary Lignano International Cup. And already it’s clear there will be more than European eyes watching watch happens on the Adriatic this July. Interest in the event is going global. From Iran & Dubai in the middle east to Hong Kong in Asia, New Zealand, Australia and all the islands in the Pacific to the beaches of the North & South America, there is no doubting the inspirational role that LIGNANO is playing in the development of Beach 5’s Rugby worldwide.

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