DireitoThe MACCARESE once again go down in Sudden Death. As happened in the final of the Beach 5’s Series French leg in Marseille, Portugal has also reserved a bitter final defeat for the team from Lazio.

It was a hard fought weekend with strong Portuguese formations up against the might of the Pacific Islanders, The Romantics from Germany and Belgiums Ghent Magnets. And while the latter 3 teams all impressed in the qualification phase, in the end it was the Portuguese squad Direito that made their way through to the final to face Maccarese Rome.

MaccareseThe final was a powerful, pulsating game that the Maccarese dominated early into the 2nd half when they led by 3 to 1. And just when they appeared to be going to close the match out and inspired period of play brought the Portuguese back into game, equalising in the dying seconds of normal time. It was Sudden death all over again for a stunned Maccarese squad who had seen a wonderful advantage slip away. Direito were galvanized by the change of events and more aggressive and their pressing play delivered the Golden Try which gave them victory – 4 to 3.

“I’m still satisfied with the experience in Portugal” – said Maccarese manager, Silvio Salera. “The Direito squad had inflicted 10 tries against every opponent they faced this weekend and we were able to tame them. But perhaps a bit of presumption in the final contributed to our downfall. Perhaps there was a failure to press home our advantage a critical moments, but I have to say that the Maccarese boys played a great tournament. Honour to the boys.”

Next weekend its on to Lignano Sabbiadoro, where in addition to the 13th Lignano International Cup, the 12 teams will be playing for the 2nd European Beach Rugby Club Cup and as the 4th Leg in the EBRA Beach 5’s SERIES, the Series Champion will also be decided.

Plenty to play for !

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