Holland – All ABOARD, The Flying Dutchmen

Some years ago, SB5 talent scout, Cesare Zambelli, busied himself, first trying to find and then convincing these guys to come to Lignano. As it happens, in the last few years all the Benelux countries have proven to be one of the most interesting hot beds for aspiring & talented beach rugbysta’s in Europe. Yet the Dutch were somehow not reaching their potential, expending a lot of energy playing a version of Sevens on sand.

[frame align=”left”]A couple of Hookers[/frame]As we all know, nothing compares to Beach 5’s, especially since it became officially recognised by the IRB in 2010. As for the Dutch Hookers, well their “Path to Redemption” first started in 2011 when they debuted at Lignano. Already winners at Ameland (Sevens on Sand), their performance in Italy showed some promise, finishing the tournament as they did in the middle of the classification. But this belies what really happened. Like the dusty road to Damascus, the golden sands of Lignao Sabbiadoro had brought about their complete ‘conversion’ to Beach 5’s, which exemplified the dynamism and speed that all ‘Flying Dutchmen’ crave for.

Infact, that following winter of 2011, the Hookers completed their penance, dedicating themselves to Beachfives. Such commitment manifested itself last summer 2012 when they first took the Masters Title in Zeebrugge, Belgium, before going on to the “Temple of Beach 5’s” , that is Lignano. And it was here that the Gods of Super Beach 5’s Rugby forgave them their sins and ultimately crowned them 2012 European Club Champions. Welcome back to our redeemed and now esteemed champs……may you defend your title in true Hooker style.

SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY. Not for your Average Hookers.

Lignano Sabbiadoro, 20-21 July 2013, Beach Arena