Lignano Beach Arena – “Welcome Home”

It’s HOT but someone’s got to build it!

Just to let you know construction of the 2012 Lignano Beach Arena commenced last Friday 15th June. We attach a couple of photos to show you the progress that is being made.

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By the way, credit for the photos goes to Dermot McCarron, President of Lansdowne FC 1872, who just happened to be in the neighbourhood ?? (Anyone else and you’d be forgiven for thinking this must be a reconnaissance mission for Ireland’s SUPER BEACH 5 squad “Lansdowne 140“!!! Thanks again Dermot!)

Rest assured all will be ready and in place for 12th Lignano International Cup, which will be staged here on 14th & 15th July.

The stands may be empty now but they won’t stay that way for long. We’re looking forward to your arrival.

By the way, whether you’re arriving by Plane, Train, Car, Bus, Bicycle or Boat, you won’t have any problems finding us. Just ask anyone and they’ll tell you we’re at:

Lignano Beach Arena, Lungomare Trieste, Ufficio / Spiaggia #7, Lignano Sabbiadoro

This is SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY. Not your average kind of Arena !

Some very interesting tournament news coming soon. Want to know more ? Stay tuned!