International Coastal CLEANUP 2012

SB5 Clubhouse News – International Coastal CLEANUP 2012 – 15th September 2012

Our SB5 Pitch Supervisor and noted Sub-Aqua man, Enrico, has resurfaced in order to bring to our attention the fact that International Coastal Clean Up 2012 takes places this Saturday 15th September.

So where ever you are this weekend, if you’re playing Beach Rugby or just chillin’ out watching others do their stuff, when you see any rubbish lying around, do the right thing, just pick it up and bin it. Let’s do each other a favour and keep our play ground clean!

And remember, spread the word around…..THE BEACH & THE OCEAN AIN’T NO DUMPING GROUND !

Follow this link to see the International Coastal CLEANUP activity all around the world…..

Every little helps.


This is SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY. Keep your Beach Clean.