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The cameras never lie. Well, at least not when it comes to Super Beach 5’s Rugby. Because these guys really can fly.

Infact, its quite possible that, way back in 1991 when Tom Petty penned his international hit of the same title,  he already had some of these Top Guns in mind.


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Whatever it is about the Beach environment that reconfigures the Rugby playing mind, one fact is certain…… the players simply love it here.

For years they have drawn crowds to The Lignano International Cup, flocking to witness one the greatest and most unique displays of rugby aerobatics, the like of which you won’t see on any traditional field of play.

Naturally the soft golden sands of Lignano play their part, providing a welcoming landing strip for our flying Ace’s as they gracefully and ‘safely’ make their way back to Earth.


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However, we feel credit must also be given to the thousands of fans who year after year pack themselves into the Beach Arena on finals day to admire and pay homage to the SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY annual “BIG AIR” display.

Watch this space for forthcoming galleries or view additional “High Flyer” shots in our media section.

SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY – The Finest Rugby Air Display on the Planet.