The Courageous Celts – Challenger #6

Baptized into the world of SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY in 2013, our next challenger is determined to put right much of what went against them on their first visit to Lignano last summer. As everyone knows, there is no mercy inside the Arena. You learn fast or You lose fast. These guys from Oviedo in Northern Spain have been studying all winter long and are now eager to face the toughest test the Beach has to offer. We are delighted to welcome back Challenger #6 and Spain’s finest – Astures Celtas.

Astures TryIn rugby circles, Spain is a country on the rise. More than 27,000 players partcipating in more than 220 clubs. They’ve certainly caught the rugby bug. And  on the world stage, it is their capacity in the short game format that sees them ranked amongst the ELITE Nations of 7s Rugby. “As good as the Spanish are in 7’s, we believe we’re also ideally adapted for Beach 5’s Rugby,” says Mario Copetti, Coach and Manager of the Astures Celtas Beach 5’s squad. “We learned a lot from our first visit to Lignano last year,” he continued. “The intensity and speed of the game was incredible. You can only learn by playing at the highest level. And that means LIGNANO,” he said.

Astures Banner 2014When asked about this season, Mario was quick to add, “For 2014 , we’ve added to our squad including fast & powerful, top class ‘loose, broken field’ players of the calibre of JUAN ARISTEMUÑO, Javier Vallina and David Cifuentes. We will certainly present a formidable challenge to any team.” To prepare themselves for Lignano, the brave Astures Celtas will be sharpening their skills at 2014 BARCELONA Beach 5’s, which is the first Beach 5’s tournament in Spain to join the official 2014 EBRA Series.

Here’s a link to the Barcelona Beach 5s website which is due to go online shortly.

Will this be a summer for Spanish Rugby to remember ? They say fortune favours the Brave !

See for yourself, Lignano Beach Arena 19th -20th July.

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