HE WHO FLAIRS, WINS – Challenger #4

Let’s face it, on a hot summers day, it’s what everyone wants to see when they go to the BEACH…. a touch of honest to goodness FLAIR! And lucky for y’all because these boys have it in truck loads. So it gives us great pleasure to announce our 4th Challenger, England’s foremost BEACH 5’s squad….. THE FLAIR BEARS.

[frame align=”left”]Romantic Bear Hug‘Romantic’ BEAR Hug – SB5 2013[/frame]While SEVENS may be their game of birth, with their fast, fluid style of play, they’ve created a welcoming home for themselves in the world of BEACH 5s RUGBY. Indeed their inaugural trip to SB5 Lignano 2011 was an odyssey that took them all the way to the Semi’s.

Led by their derring-do captain, DANGER BEAR (aka Barty Hills), over the last 3 seasons, the FLAIRS have displayed an undoubted potential in the Arena. Afterall, it was their ‘FORE-BEARS’ that invented the wonderful sport of Rugby. But, as yet, their transition from ‘England’s terraferma’ to the soft golden sands of Lignano has for now not yet delivered that sweet, honeyed, taste of success.

But one senses that these BEARS are adapting well to the coastal habitat. And this year, by the time they reach SB5 2014, they will already have honed their skills during the newly expanded 2014 EBRA Beach 5’s Series.

As the old English saying goes……..


19-20 JULY 2014




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