FRANCE – Fantastique

Our 11th Challengers for SB5 2013 are no strangers to Lignano. Indeed in 2012, they came very close to ultimate victory, only to lose out in the semi-finals stage. By finishing in 3rd place, they therefore have some unfinished business to attend to this summer. From France, we’re delighted and honoured to welcome back Ovale Beach Marseille.

In France, the beaches around Marseille have long been recognised as their national home for Beach 5’s Rugby (Tackle). Led by Lionel Laugier, organiser of the Marseille Fives tournament, the 2013 Ovale Beach team is comprised of a strong selection of youth and experience.

Among them, probably one of the most honoured players in European Beach Rugby, Romaine Quintaine. The essence of French Beach Rugby, Romaine was a key member of France’s European Beach Touch Championship winning squad at Anglet in 2011 & 2012. And in February of this year, he also played a decisive role in the legendary  ‘Les Blues 7’s squad, who transformed to the 5’s format and took victory in the inaugural Munich Beach 5’s. And that is to name but one of this French squad who are all rich in guile, speed and strength.

If that wasn’t enough, when the Ovale Beach boys arrive at Lignano, they will have already played at each of other EBRA Beach 5’s Series tournaments. Their target is the EBRA Double

1st EBRA Beach 5’s Series

2nd EBRA European Beach 5’s Cup

And with the sound of the Marseillaise ringing in their ears, who would doubt their ability to do it.

…..Marchons, marchons! Qu’un sang impur. Abreuve nos sillons

Fantastique ! Le BIG BANG 2……n’oubliez pas!

 20-21 July 2013

Lignano Beach ARENA


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