Take 5 – BrainStorming with “Danger Bear”

[column size=”1-2″ last=”0″ style=”0″][frame align=”left”]Can you see my brain?[/frame][/column][column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”0″]In this latest Take 5 interview, we decided to do a little bit of “Brainstorming” with England’s Super Beach 5’s specialist, Flair Bears Captain, Barty “Danger Bear” Hills.

For a Bear so young, he’s had an interesting couple of years. As his name suggests, he’s very accustomed to “FLIRTING with DANGER”.

Having recently discovered the presence of Brain Tumour, and having successfully undergone treatment, we wanted to know more.

And so in response to our 5 incisive questions, here’s what he had to say:[/column]

Q1. Danger Bear, why is it good to have a working brain ?

I wouldn’t know. (Nice one Barty. No pressure. The microphone is switched off, honest)

Q2. How does one figure out when it’s not working ?

Well, look out for initial symptoms such as headaches, sight and vision problems, co-ordination problems – My vision got quite bad and I actually walked into a pillar ! So any abnormal brain activity.(Walked into a Pillar, eh! Must take note) [frame align=”right”][/frame]

Q3. What does one do when it’s NOT working ?

Immediately go and see your GP and explain all your symptoms – don’t accept that it’s migraines and you should stop eating chocolate. (So I guess that would mean having to drop the Lindt 85% Cacao ? Tough call ref.)

Q4. And so who is out there, researching and working to help sufferers ?

There are many great charities out there helping to combat this devastating cancer. Brainstrust is very patient orientated, helping brain tumour sufferers get the right diagnosis and treatment, so that patients understand who are the right people to speak and from where to get the best information regarding their specific tumour. (Yeah, you really must check out the Brainstrust website www.brainstrust.org.uk. It’s packed with advice & information. Click on the Brainstrust logo below)[frame align=”none”][/frame]

Q5. So Danger Bear, how does the future look ?

Well, for me, the tumour hasn’t affected anything I do; I play rugby and enjoy the occasional drink, as before. I am annually monitored to gauge the size and growth of the tumour and I will deal with it when it becomes a problem again. Other brain tumour sufferers aren’t as fortunate, so me and the Bears, we’re doing all we can to raise awareness for Brainstrust and brain tumours in general.

Healthy Brain = Healthy Life = Healthy Bear! (Brave and Courageous in the face of REAL DANGER. Respect!)

What can we say…thanks once again to ‘Danger’ for joining us in what so far is the most credibile in our Take 5 series ! Very useful and important information.

For all of you who would like to help this very worthy charity by making a donation, you can do so by going to the Flair Bears Justgiving page: http://www.justgiving.com/flairbears…..your just one click away from giving a helping hand!

And remember folks, go easy on the Chocolate, Late Nights, Booze and watch out for moving Pillars !

This is SUPER BEACH 5’S RUGBY. Not for your Average “BEARS”

Meet & Greet all of the Flair Bears on

14-15 July 2012, Lignano Beach Arena, Lungomare Trieste

Ufficio / Spiaggia #7, Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), Italy.