Take 5 – Biggest Beach HITS 2012

[column size=”1-2″ last=”0″ style=”0″][frame align=”left”]Proof that DJ Gofer has at least 1 Fan![/frame][/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”0″]The all important ‘Beat on the Beach’ is controlled by our resident SUPER BEACH 5’s DJ, DJ Gofer.

If anyone knows how to ‘make or take’ a HIT, it’s him. So when we spotted him grooving by the Beach Clubhouse the other evening, we tackled him (physically) to find out what he expects will be the 5 Biggest Beach HITS for the summer of 2012.

Taken by surprise, and somewhat under pressure, his initial response was to say he could never rule out the possibility of Village People’s “YMCA” or Katrina & The Waves “Walkin’on Sunshine”. However, quickly realising the great peril he was in, and to prevent a ruck from forming, he rescued himself with a high speed offload of tunes, reckoning it could be one, some or all of the following (click the links):[/column]

Serebro – MAMA LOVER / Madonna – GIRL GONE WILD / Gustavo Lima – BALADA / / Katy Perry – PART OF ME / Jessie J – DOMINO

[frame align=”center”]Any of these the sound of Summer 2012?[/frame]

Having regained his composure, DJ Gofer was quick to say that he is also taking team requests. A very sporting gesture. So far, he’s had calls from:

  • The Pacific Islanders, General Felese “Forearms” Ah Ling looking for the following 5 (click the links):

Men at Work “We come from a land down under” / Black Rose ‘Raude’ / J Boog ‘Sunshine Girl’ / Nesian Mystik ‘Sun goes down’  / & something from Fiji, which he’s going to bring himself …nice one.

  • Flair Bears, Wing Commander Barty “Danger Bear” Hills lists his Top 5 as (click the links):

Care Bear Countdown / Lil Scrappy – ‘Oh Yeah’ / LMFAO – ‘sexy and I know it’ / Labrinth ‘Earthquake‘ / Enur ‘Calabria’ feat. Mims

  • Lansdowne 140’s, Major Dave “Dragon” Twomey, has provided an eclectic mix of 5 pieces including;

Tschaikovsky, Mozart, Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre & One Direction ! Still trying to find the missing links…..

In the meantime,  if you want to add any requests, don’t hesitate to email DJ Gofer at: international@forumiulii.com

IMPORTANT – Editors Request:

[frame align=”center”][/frame]

As always on the Beach, the Editor reserves the right to have the last word. Hey DJ, you know as the Sun sets on finals day, when the battle is done and the tournament is won, you’ve simply got to play  Led Zeppelin’s ‘Since I’ve been lovin’ you’……you know it’s worthy man, it’s like a cry from the heart of the Beach, we can all crack open a couple of our favourite iced brews, check out the beautiful blue Lignano horizon, chill and ready ourselves……to paaarrrrrty!

Some may call this an editorial lapse. In response, the Editor is proud to say, ROCK the beach baby. Someone’s got to keep it real !

This is SUPER BEACH 5’s RUGBY. Not for your Average DJ’s.