Other BeachFives Events

As a Contact Sport, BEACH FIVES RUGBY is not to be confused with the other forms of Beach Rugby – namely Beach Touch and Beach Tag.

Its growth in popularity has been successfully built on a ‘WORD of MOUTH’ basis for more than 20 years. Indeed every year,  new tournaments are developing all around the world. This is particularly the case in Europe where Italy, France, Belgium and Portugal are seen as the main driving forces behind the BEACHFIVES movement. Elsewhere developing Rugby countries like Holland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia & Russia are all demonstrating a keen interest in the sports future promotion. And not to be outdone, BEACHFIVES in the southern Hemisphere is taking hold in Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Tongo, Fiji, Hong Kong, USA, Argentina, UAE and Brazil.

Apart from The Lignano International Cup, herewith a selection of other European tournaments