Hail Caesar – Challenger #12

Forum Iulii Jersey 2014-diapIt is said that 21 years ago BEACH 5s RUGBY was invented right here on the beaches of Friuli. For sure in the years that have followed the game has evolved greatly, transforming itself into what we now like to call SUPER BEACH 5s…..’The Fastest Game of Rugby on the Planet’. And as the cradle of SB5s, Friuli Venezia Giulia is set to unleash a ‘SUPER’ team of its own, to honour the Friulani origins of this legendary tournament.

While this year the Padova Beach Squad will fly the flag for Italy and the Lega Italiana Beach Rugby, the FORUM IULII 5s invitational squad will proudly represent a selection of the regions players who, since they were kids, have grown up with this wonderful sport, guys who have organised and played the game as a way to relax away from their regular rugby commitments on grass.

And so it is with great honour and pride that we announce our final challenger for SB5 2014 – Challenger #12 – FORUM IULII 5s

Wearing the colours and carrying the symbol of Friuli, no doubt the FORUM IULII squad will be recognisable to the local fans. But all going well with their debut performance, international recognition may soon follow, with talks underway for the squad to be launched onto EBRA Beach 5s Series tour from 2015.

Here in Northeast Italy, in the heart of what was once the ‘Forum’ of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar (from whence comes Forum Iulii), the stage is now perfectly set. The SB5 2014 Gladiators have been selected. Each has a hunger for victory that supercedes the fear of any opponents strength.

With only got 600 seconds to forge your path to victory, the ARENA can be a merciless place. May the best team win !