A busy weekend of Beach 5’s Rugby all over Europe. In Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, the 2013 Zagreb Beach Rugby tournament successfully concluded with the squad from Mladost taking victory against home town boys the Zagreb Sea Lions in the Final. Better luck next time to Tvrtko & his Sea Lions !

The ladies of Mladost also took the Ladies title to make it a sweet double for the club. Congratulations to all involved!

2013 Zagreb Beach Rugby Final Classification:

MENS Classification

1. Mladost

2. Zagreb Sea Lions

3. Med medeni

4. Sofis Sport

5. Ljubljana

6. Mladići

7. Sisak

8. Old Bastard

2013 Men’s MVP – Jurišić Nik

LADIES Classification

1. ŽARK Mladost

2. Ljubljana

3. Sisak

2013 Ladies MVP – Gloria Molak